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Meet the Team.

Meet the exceptional team at Strozkiy Media, a group of highly skilled professionals who are truly the best in their fields. With extensive experience and a passion for their craft, our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding results for our clients.




Introducing Jason, a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience working on some of Australia's biggest commercial radio shows and podcasts. With a deep understanding of the industry, Jason possesses a keen eye for creating engaging content and capturing the audio and visual elements that truly make a product shine. His extensive background has honed his skills in crafting captivating narratives and producing high-quality media content. Jason's expertise and dedication to his craft ensure that every project he undertakes is executed with precision and finesse, resulting in exceptional outcomes that exceed client expectations.

Audio Engineer/Producer



Meet Greg, a highly knowledgeable and skilled audio engineer with additional expertise in acoustics and studio recordings. With an impressive academic background including a Graduate Diploma of Music Technology, Bachelor of Jazz, and a Bachelor of Creative Technology, Greg's depth of knowledge in sound design and editing is unparalleled. His proficiency extends across various domains of audio, ranging from creating immersive soundscapes for video games and movies to providing top-notch audio solutions for live events. With a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of sound engineering principles, Greg consistently delivers exceptional results and brings audio productions to life with precision and creativity.

Social Media Strategist



Introducing Sarah, our social media genius. While it's one thing to gain followers, Sarah possesses a rare talent for cultivating a vibrant and engaged community while ensuring their long-term retention. Her deep understanding of various social media platforms and their nuances makes her an invaluable asset to any business. With a track record of success, Sarah has personally built a loyal community of over 70,000 for her own business, Shessoseasonal. Now, she's ready to share her expertise and guide you on how to achieve the same level of community growth and engagement. Let Sarah demonstrate how strategic utilization of social media platforms can elevate your business to new heights.

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