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Tailored Podcast packages just for YOU. 

No podcast project is the same, so we love to set up a half hour consultation with you to first and foremost, fully understand your vision. From there, we will be able to explain in more detail what services we provide and which ones would work best for your particular project.

1. Show Setup

You're probably thinking: "Why is this process so difficult?" Well, it can be a lot of work to set up your podcast and get all the little things right. But don't worry! We'll take care of everything for you - hosting platform setup plus streaming connections are just some tasks we handle  while setting up your podcast.

2. Recording

Your podcast is a perfect way to showcase your personality, but how do you capture it? Let us help! We can record all of your episodes using our professional equipment. We can also offer voice & interview coaching along the journey so that your show will be nothing short of excellent in every way possible

3. Editing

You want to make your episode stand out from the rest? We can help you do just that! With our professional editing services, we'll take care of any audio problems, remove unwanted speech as well as add your intro music.

Your podcast will come back to you in an even better condition than when you left it ready for publishing on the big streaming services.  

4. Social Assets

With social media being such an important part of the modern day, it's no surprise that many people are turning towards podcasts for their content. But how do you promote yourself? We transform your audio and video files into professional looking social graphics ready to post. These assets use your own branding to ensure a cohesive look and feel. You can see what we can create for your brand here.

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