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Podcasting for Recruitment

Strozkiy Media

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Posted 1d ago

Who we are: 

Strozkiy Media is a boutique podcasting agency based in Brisbane. We work with podcasters and businesses to develop and deliver professional podcasts, social content and brand collaborations. With over 10 years experience in the commercial radio and podcasting space, we understand the importance of all aspects in creating a successful podcast. Some of the podcasts you may have heard of from us include FORTY by Those Two Girls, All That Glitters with Libby Trickett, Stand Out Life with Ali Hill & The David Mead Podcast. 

What's the Role:

Delivering professional sounding podcasts that accompany career listings to give advanced insight into the company, the role and the responsibilities of that role.   

What Strozkiy Media Will Do:

• Produce professional sounding podcasts for job listings

• Manage all processes from recording, uploading and scheduling

• Liaise with web designers to ensure RSS links are available and connected

• Liaise with company to record their podcast episodes for listings.

• Report podcast analytics and insights from listings

• Update company messaging on episodes 

Positive Outcomes: 

• Applicants are more informed about the role they are applying for.

• Encouragement of viewers to become applicants

• Applicants understand the company's culture and can assess their suitability for that company.

• Applicants are clear on what their day to day will look like if successful.

• Listening about a role may encourage more applicants, particularly those with reading disabilities and dyslexia. 

• More information about the role can be added to an application in audio form.

• Companies can promote other roles, services, products and social media at the start or end of the episode, driving company growth and interest.


Questions for Strozkiy Media: Contact Us  




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