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Social Assets to grow your Podcast.

The backbone of a successful podcast is strong marketing strategy. You can use social media to build your brand, both through audio and visual assets that are created by you! Providing your audience with engaging content will help grow their connection to the show and in-turn build listener numbers.

To see examples of the types of social assets we create click HERE

1. Podcast Cover Art

This is the first impression someone will have of your podcast, so it is important for it to look professional. With our custom designs, you can make your podcast stand out. Along with the artwork we provide a logo image that will work for anything from t-shirts to banners!

2. Episode Tease Videos

We can help you create an engaging video that will get people hooked on your podcast. We take the heavy lifting out of finding great moments, turning them into short videos optimised for social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook. 

3. Episode Asset Templates

We get it, this is a passion project and you want to choose the moments that make it to social media. We create custom templates using your podcast branding that can be easily editing using programs such as Canva  or Photoshop, allowing you to add your own content and make your own assets. 

4. Podcast Video 

Do you want your podcast to be more than just audio? We can record and edit your full podcast episodes creating a seamless video version optimised for YouTube. You will also receive the audio version of your podcast for Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts, creating more platforms for people to discover you on.  

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